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Curly gets more than his pants pressed by Moe in Booby Dupes

Production notes[edit]

Filmed on September 27-30, 1944,[1] Booby Dupes is a partial remake of the 1932 Laurel and Hardy short film Towed in a Hole. In addition, the gag of a victrola acting as a car radio appeared in the duo's 1932 film Busy Bodies. The title is a play on the line "boop-oop-a-doop" from the song "I Wanna Be Loved by You," made famous by singer Helen Kane and by the Fleischer Studios cartoon character Betty Boop.[2]

This is one of a few shorts in which one of the boys call themselves "the Stooges", screamed by Moe as the bomber tries to sink their boat.

During World War II, the Stooges made a few comedies that engaged in propaganda against on the then-enemy Japanese, including Spook Louder, No Dough Boys, Booby Dupes and The Yoke's on Me, which no longer reflect America's official relationship with Japan.

Curly Howard fades[edit]

Curly Howard's mannerisms and reactions had been starting to slow down. He was only a few short weeks away from suffering a minor stroke, one that would hamper his remaining time with the Stooges. Though Curly's mannerisms and timing are still sharp in this short, his falsetto voice sounds hoarse at times, and at age 40, he seems more like 50.[3]


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